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We offer proven, scalable solutions for customer acquisition in the insurance industry. Our marketing, sales and technology utilities are each designed to give our customers a measurable and material advantage that ultimately results in high lifetime value customers at an optimal customer acquisition cost.

Policy Fuel, LLC has been acquired by EverQuote, Inc. Read the press release here.

Our Story

Our vision was founded by the belief that online shoppers were underserved; and understandably so. Insurance is a complicated product and the online ecosystem consists of agencies and carriers of all shapes and sizes, all of whom provided wildly inconsistent approaches to how they try to serve the online consumer. Some consumers wanted to buy now, some later, some over the phone, some via text, some wanted to talk to many agents, some just one, and on it goes. What was abundantly clear is consumers didn’t want to be frustrated by the overall experience, and too many were. We aimed to be a company whose mission was to provide the kind of experience we’d want for ourselves.

But it wasn’t just the consumer who mattered. It was also the carrier, because they provided the products we were selling. We had to make them happy, too! We quickly learned that profitability was the name of the game. Simple, right? Not so much. Carriers are a picky bunch. They want very specific types of customers, typically they want a lot of them, and ultimately, because they’re a for-profit business, they want the business you send them to be profitable. Profitability is all about retention, loss ratios, expense ratios, and probably a bunch of other ratios. But put simply, they want customers who are going to stick around and aren’t going to file a bunch of claims and burn a hole in their pocket.

And with that, our north star was born: “Drive policy sales profitability for our carriers and ourselves while providing exceptional consumer experiences”

It’s no easy feat. Over time, we realized we needed technology to achieve our mission. So, we built it ourselves. Which gave us access to deeper and richer data, which empowered us to do more.

Today, we work with some of the largest carriers and agencies in the country to drive policy sales for them in extraordinary dedicated and exclusive ways. We think we have something special here. Our performance validates that belief. And we’re here to help take this industry to new heights, one consumer experience, and one carrier relationship at a time.

If you’re a carrier or agency looking to grow, we’d love to talk to you!

Who We Are

Our team is rooted in deep experience across insurance, agency operations, analytics, software, and technology.

Tim Presto
Co-founder & CEO, PolicyFuel & Parachute

Prior Roles: Marketing Analyst & Product Manager, Progressive
Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Plymouth Rock

Ryan McClintock
Co-founder & President, PolicyFuel, Kanopy & Parachute

Prior Roles: GM of Insurance Vertical, Velocify

Edward Hames
Co-founder & COO, PolicyFuel, Kanopy & Parachute

Prior Roles: GM of Insurance & Director of Sales, Consumer United / Goji

What We Do

Our solutions are built to deliver customers in two principal formats:
  • Signed, bound customers, by way of our licensed agents.
  • Warm Transfers, which offer a direct, telephonic connection to in-market consumers;

If that all sounds simple, that’s because it’s supposed to. You want to grow; we make that possible without the noise, risk and drama you might experience doing so internally, or even elsewhere. Our people are uncommonly good at this work, and our proprietary technology platform, Audacious, is designed to add scale and efficiency to everything they do.


Policy Sales as a Service (PSaaS) in two flavors:

  • You provide the leads and we provide the policies.
  • We provide the leads and the policies.
Qualified Warm Transfers in two flavors:
  • You provide the leads and we warm transfer qualified consumers to you.
  • We provide the leads we warm transfer qualified consumers.

If you’re an insurance company and you want more customers, or you’re not an insurance company but looking to cross-sell your customers insurance, you’re talking to the right folks.

How We Do It

Technology and data at the heart of what we do. Together, they enable us to target the right customers that ultimately yield good unit economics, and provide an exceptional customer experience every step of the way. We work closely with our partners to understand the variables that drive their unit economics and the exact make-up of the types of customers they want so that ultimately our partners get customers that yield high lifetime value relative to cost of acquisition, or achieve a ratio between LTV:CAC that drives profitable growth.

It starts with using our technology to source leads, or consumers actively shopping online, at the right price and who have a high propensity to buy a product from one of our carrier partners. Then, we engage those consumers via phone and SMS via our proprietary contact center solution. This solution is a huge competitive advantage for us as it allows us to provide an exceptional consumer experience while maximizing throughput through the sales funnel. And do so compliantly in accordance with TCPA, CCPA, PCI, etc.

As part of our Policy Sales as a Service business model and unique approach to supporting both carriers and consumers, we’ve established dedicated advisor sales teams to focus exclusively on specific carriers, products and markets. This degree of specialization maximizes our value proposition for both carriers and consumers. Our technology and algorithms match consumers with one of our dedicated teams who has the best product for that consumer's needs, which ultimately creates a consumer experience that gets a consumer the best product, for the best price, in the least amount of time.

The end result are happy customers and happy carriers. Rinse and repeat!

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